Angela Craig

What do I love about Pursuit? There is no other place like it! We are a global community of people pursuing a life of meaning and purpose in Christ. Angela spent the last 10 years as a Director at the NW Ministry Network before planting Pursuit Church Live. With a degree in Ministry Leadership and a Masters in Organizational Leadership, she is a life long learner as an adjunct professor at NW University. Angela is passionate about Jesus, family & the unbreakable human spirit to change the world.


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Under One Umbrella: Surviving Relationship Storms, One Blog at a Time
Janet Richards

Janet is a lifelong Christian who feared and loved a mighty God early in life, and was overwhelmed to discover later in life how fiercely she is loved. She is a part of the PCL team because of a desire for everyone to share the wonder of reuniting with God and knowing the Almighty's love and presence in their life. A self-confessed geek, with a 20+ year career in technology, she is especially passionate about using the most current social media innovations to reach people with the gospel message anywhere in the world a satellite signal can get to.

Craig Dockstader

Craig Dockstader is a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God with a bi-vocational background since 1999. Craig completed his studies through Global University in 2006. Craig has served in multiple ministry areas ranging from children's ministry to adults. Craig currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at LIFEchurch360, with a desire to use technology to reach people for Jesus wherever they are.


The Roadmap: A Guide to Understanding the Bible
Emily Klever

Emily is a hands-on ministry leader who shares PCL's desire to connect with, champion, and embolden leaders around the globe to realize their God-given vision and purpose within their community. Emily’s approach is to facilitate local and international ministry through relational, interpersonal techniques, which produce lasting impact for the Kingdom of God. Emily is a graduate of Northwest University, a Licensed Minister with the Assemblies of God, and has extensive experience in ministry, international mission, urban outreach and team alignment.

Kellyann Bowman

I love PCL because it is so embracing and accepting of all people. We don't have a target demographic, ALL people are welcome. The desire is to show all people, regardless of background, the Jesus love's them and empowers them to live and lead. Kellyann is a Christian author and blogger as well as teacher. She has a certification in trauma counseling and is always seeking to engage people in story in order to process and grow. She love Jesus strongly and desires most to show all people the love of Christ. She is especially drawn to those on the fringe of society dealing with issues such as homelessness, addiction and abuse. www.inextricablyreliant.com

Ronald Kibedi Simbwa

My name Ronald Kibedi Simbwa. I love the lord and I gave my life to Christ when I was 7. Being young at a time it didn't make a lot of sense but as I’ve grown, it's all adding up. God has called me to a ministry of Worship. Surprisingly, by the time I got to know about my calling I didn’t know to what magnitude it would be. However I’ve always availed myself to be used by God in all ways. It is that Spirit of God that led me to Pursuit Church live.

My mission is to "create environments where Christ is worshiped, manifested and Glorified". Just like the time when I got to know about my calling, it is the same thing with my mission. It started as a mere statement but meeting the family at Pursuit Church Live had broadened my thinking about the statement I myself came up with. As a matter of fact, I’m convinced it was the Holy Spirit who gave me this mission statement. Pursuit Church Live is very unique in a way that it’s not limited by he four walls, Time factor, resources or any other thing that will lie in the weakness side in an organization’s SWOT. Being part of a global movement teaches you that the world won’t catch up to you but you need to catch up to it. All worded and put together in a profound statement; *Pursing Jesus•Discovering Purpose•Loving people•online 24/7.* Wow I want to be part of a family that’s Pursuing Jesus, that discovers purpose and loves people. That’s why I like Pursuit Church Live. I’m in the right place and blessed to be part of the life changing church.

Annie Cannon

I love Pursuit Church Live because it is a place for everyone without judgement or reservation. We are a grass roots movement of God that seeks to unify people on a basic level of human dignity. We follow the Scripture guidelines of loving God and His People we pray without ceasing and stand in faith so that none may parish. PCL brings the unique Gospel of Jesus Christ through social media platforms on a global scale. This vision effects change and changes lives.

Annie has over 11 years of ministry administration, women's leadership, church planting and training experience as well as speaking and coaching. She is currently wrapping up her Bachelor's Degree in Ministry Leadership at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA and looking forward to pursuing a rigorous Masters Program dedicated to the study of the word of God. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her two teenagers.

Cyndi Pollard

Cyndi specializes in INSPIRING COURAGE at Pursuit Church Live! She is a lover of people who comes along side others to help them see the “Masterpiece” they are (Ephesians 2:10) and realize that they were made for greatness. She uses her own hilarious yet poignant personal stories to illustrate timeless and universal truths to motivate her audience.

Cyndi graduated from LIFE Pacific College, is an ordained minister, serves on the Directional Team at Evergreen Christian Community, is the Principal of Evergreen Christian School, co-leads the Women’s Ministry Team, is on the WFIS Board of Directors and is on the Pursuit Church Live leadership team.  She resides in Southwest Washington with her husband Dennis, and two cats, Rocky & Dude. Her daughter currently lives in Austin, TX.  www.cyndipollard.com


Under One Umbrella: Surviving Relationship Storms, One Blog at a Time
Denise Vaughan

What a privilege to be a part of Pursuit Church Live! People from all around the world gathered together to encourage one another in the most important relationship we will ever have. PCL to me is truly a little bit of heaven here on earth!

Denise firmly believes that our willingness to be vulnerable with each other is what God can use to make a real difference in the lives of others and brings us freedom in the process. Her goal and passion in life is to provide hope and encouragement to people as they face the challenges that life is sure to bring. Finding the courage to face your fears and pursue your dreams is something God desires for each of us and Denise’s ability to communicate down to earth insights related to the realities of life provides a boost to those who listen.

Denise has ministered over the years as a worship leader, women’s ministries leader, speaker and writer. In addition to music, sunshine on her face and a good cup of coffee, Denise’s passion is to encourage and equip others so they can walk with confidence in Christ. You can check out her insights at www.neeserisms.com.