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Every item in our Difference Maker Shop provides life change for those in need.  We have two goals: We partner with social entrepreneurs - people who have established an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems and effecting social change. And we raise funds for a chosen Difference Maker charity of the month through our Difference Maker $ Project. 

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Difference Maker Bangle


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Product Description

This skinny metal cuff is a meaningful reminder that you are a difference maker. Looks great alone or stacked up with other bangles.

Each cuff is hand stamped by LoveSquare Designs. This cuff is made from lightweight but thick and durable aluminum. It is given a hammered edge and polished to a sparkly shine! It so comfortable that you may forget you're wearing it! Easy to adjust for a perfect fit. (Aluminum will not tarnish and is often preferred by those with metal sensitivities.)

A perfect gift for you and the difference Maker in your life!