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Every item in our Difference Maker Shop provides life change for those in need.  We have two goals: We partner with social entrepreneurs - people who have established an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems and effecting social change. And we raise funds for a chosen Difference Maker charity of the month through our Difference Maker $ Project. 

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Join the Difference Maker Movement!

How would the world be different if everyone you knew gave one dollar a week to solve the world's greatest problems?

Here is how it works:

Sign-up to give $1 or more each week to the Difference Maker Project of the month.

Each month, 100% of the Difference Maker dollars you give will go directly to the selected non-profit charity of the month. (We use Facebook Fundraising. That means NO administration fees. When we say 100%, we mean 100%)

Example of past charities: Child Hope International, Convoy of Hope, Cure International, Khan Academy, National MS Society, One Child Matters, Peak 7 for Youth, His Heart FoundationWounded Warrior Project, Doctors without Borders, Convoy of Hope - Women, Beyond Bars, Northwest Center, Every Mother Counts, and Every Mother Counts.

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